Friday, December 30, 2005

French Women Do Get Fat

I was sitting at my local Barnes and Noble, reading the latest issue of the Economist today, when I was surprised to find that, contrary to popular perceptions (and the title of a book that was featured on many of the morning shows here in the US) that France has an obesity problem. Yes, it is admittedly less severe than that in the US, where about one in three people are obese, and two in three overweight. But with over 40% of French people estimated to be overweight, this is a serious problem for them too. A Google search revealed an old story in the Washington Times that reported that 1 in 10 children of age 10 are obese! YUCK!

And with obesity comes other issues like diabetes. In my native India, some 27 million people already suffer from diabetes, a number that is expected to grow to 57 million by 2025, according to this article in the British newspaper, the Gaurdian.

The source of all this global obesity pandemic? Well, it seems there is something the US still does export.

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